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Trade-in Program

Let Your Old Bike Buy you A New One

Whether its an older bike you've been bombing around on for a few years or a newer model that doesnt quite fit your current riding style, trade it in and apply its value towards the purchase of a quality new bike that perfectly fits your needs!

How Does It Work?

Our trained mechanics will check over your bike and guide you through the valuation process using a third-party blue book service. When the trade-in value is determined, you can apply the amount towards the purchase of a new bike from our shop.

What Bikes Will Be Accepted?

In general, most bikes that were puchased in a bike shop and are in good working order are eligible for trade-in. To do our part to fight bike theft and for your security, any bike with the serial number defaced or destroyed will  not be accepted. 

Fine Print

Before you load up your bikes and head to the shop, please consider the following:

  • All initial valuations will be provided by a third-party blue book database. For bikes that do not exist in this database, an ad hoc good faith valuation will be made. 
  • Third-party valuations assume stock-componentry. Any upgrades/downgrades from the original specification will be taken into account.
  • Final value, determined by a trained mechanic, is determined by the condition of the bike as well as the third-party blue book valuation.
  • Some bikes may not qualify for resale and therefore will not be eligible for trade-in. Many department store bikes (Huffy, Magna, Next) will fall into that category.
  • Trade-in value is only applicable to the purchase of a new bike from our shop. It is NOT valid towards the purchase of accessories, parts, clothing or services.

The Bike Zone is a full-service independent bicycle shop in Rochester, NY. We are avid riders who care about cycling and we strive to improve the cycling experience of every customer - with outstanding service and a friendly, welcoming atmosphere. We pride ourselves on building a strong cycling community with weekend rides, clinics, local partnerships, clubs, teams, and active involvement in local cycling advocacy.

We want to meet you. Visit the shop or give us a call, and subscribe to our email list for special offers!

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