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E-Bike FAQ

Trek E-Bike

What is an E-Bike?

E-bikes are not mopeds or electric-powered motorcycles. “Electric assist”
bikes are classified as bicycles. They have a small, battery-powered assist that engages
whenever the user pedals which adds power to each turn of the crank. Basically, the rider determines the amount of assist (if any) and power.

Trek E-Bike

Who can benefit from an E-Bike?

Everyone can benefit from the extra boost pedal-assist provides:

  • Commuters can save energy on their ride into work. The increase in pedaling power also shortens commute time making it possible to take alternate safer routes.
  • Anyone wanting a little help to keep up with more experienced cycling friends or with a group ride
  • Pedal assist is also great to help you extend the length of your rides without worrying about fatigue from hills and wind.
  • Senior citizens with limited mobility and/or power.
  • Anyone who believes in taking care of the environment. E-bikes reduce air pollution when used instead of a gas-powered vehicle. It’s a fun AND sustainable source of transportation! 

E-Bike FAQ’s


How Fast Do They Go?
With maximum assist, you can easily hit speeds between 20-28 mph depending on the bike

Can I still ride it like a regular bike?
Yes! An e-bike IS still a regular bike. The assist only adds extra power when you want/need it.
You can choose from 3 (Shimano STEPS) or 4 (Bosch) levels of assist, or choose none
if you just want to cruise. For quick trips leave the battery at home!

How far can I ride before I need to charge the battery?
You’ll average between 20-100 miles on a single charge. Mileage depends on which power
mode you choose, the strength of the headwinds and the terrain you are riding on.

How do I charge the battery?

Easy! To charge your e-bike’s battery simply plug the charger cord into any regular
wall outlet. You can either remove the battery from the bike using the key or leave it on. Lights on the battery indicate the level of charge.

How long does it take to charge the battery?
About 3-5 hours for a fully-depleted battery. Unlike other inefficient systems, pedaling will not charge the battery.

Where do I get my e-bike serviced?
The Bike Zone is Bosch certified and equipped to serve all of your e-bike needs. E-bikes should generally be maintained as you would any other bike.